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Wreath Care

Let's Talk Wreath Care

Even though wreaths aren’t going to last forever, you expect that they won’t fall apart or become useless after the first season you put them out, right? 


Here are a couple of tips to help your wreaths keep their luster for a couple of seasons! 


☀️ Limit the amount of direct sunlight that comes in contact with your wreaths. 

• Burlap and mesh, just like any fabric, becomes dry/brittle and sometimes fades when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. 

• Scotchgard Water & Sun Shield can be applied to your burlap wreaths periodically to help reduce fading. 


🧼 Clean your wreaths. 

• Your wreaths can be brushed lightly with a paint brush to remove dust, cobwebs or other debris that gets caught in or on it while displayed. 

• Using a blow dryer, on low/no heat and a low setting, is another option. 


🎁 Store your wreaths safely. 

• When you are changing out your wreaths, store your wreaths in the box it was shipped in or a storage box or bag made just for wreath storage.


❤️‍🩹Handle your wreaths with care. 

• Even though they are made with extreme care, your wreaths are delicate. Tossing them or being careless with handling them will cause them to fall apart sooner, as with any product. Treat them carefully when removing them from boxes, hanging them, etc. 


Hope this information helps. 😊

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